Our Service is designed with your needs in mind. KFWS is a great way for weeklies and monthlies to increase ad revenue, reduce freelance writing costs and free up staff to work on local projects.

Each week, we package 80 comics, games, puzzles, text features and paginated content and post it in the format that is easiest for you to get to press.

Paginated content. too.
Four paginated layouts of comics and puzzles (three in tabloid size and one in broadsheet) have been added to our regular weekly offering. To see a sample of one of the pages, click HERE. 

Mockups of all four pages are included in the downloadable KFWS sample.
King Features Weekly Service is THE premier features provider to weekly newspapers (publishing no more than twice a week), with more than 1,000 newspapers in our subscriber base.  

King Features Weekly Service is headquartered in Orlando, Fla., and is a service of the New York City-based King Features Syndicate (KFS).

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To QUICK DOWNLOAD a sample package, click HERE
Compressed for rapid downloading (5mb); some images will look fuzzy. 

New Pricing and Package Options!

The cost for access to the entire Weekly Service package is just $16 per week (U.S. customers only) including handling. You can pay by monthly invoice or have your credit card charged. As an introductory special, get the full package at half price for the first month.

  • Select any three items for $5 a week (the set of 8 weekly editorial cartoons counts as two selections).
  • Order one package (Comics, Puzzles or Columnists) for $7.50 per week (to see what's in each of the three packages, click here).
  • Order additional packages for $2.50 a week each.
  • Want your text columns formatted for you? Add .pdf layouts for $2.50 per week (includes the four paginated layouts).
  • Add color comics for $2.50 per week.

 Internet posting rights are $1.50 a week.
 Additional publications can be added for $6.90 per week.

We have no contracts; although we do ask you to sign a subscriber agreement and give us four weeks' notice of cancellation.

The subscription gives you rights to use any or all of the contents of the package in your publication, provide you run it in the week it is intended for. This fee covers one publication. 

1 (800) 708-7311 ext. 257